Rozgar Information Center is basically a source of information for rozgar (employment). Our aim is to build a strong and positive database of all the needs, requirements and human resources of Pakistan.

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Rozgar Information Center is in the context of Pakistan only for the
time being, but our program is to manage it internationally. Its formation
is like a commercial institution but basic principal is to serve the people
to minimize their hardship and play our role in the future of a prosperous

We would try to contact the companies one by one but from the platform of this
website we request all the executives and chair persons of big concerns and
small business owners to get their companies registered with Rozgar.pk7.info. to
acquire a complete and reliable database which would be helpful for everyone.
No matter what is the size of your company ( say a couple of persons) or donít
need any worker for the time being, a quick registration is helpful for all of
us and would save a lot of time when you urgently require someone.

We ensure complete privacy to the employers and jobseekers, all information
provided by our users is kept confidential, and protected by a user ID and
password. If any employer donít want to show the identity, we care for the
anonymity. Remember, better results can be obtained by being fair and honest
by all the sides.









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